Something Good arrived in style on Jesmond Road this month and we had the pleasure of shaping the interior to welcome eco-conscious customers.  

We met founder Lauren Wedderburn back in March at Boiler Shop’s lazy Sunday Emporium where we were both trading. Back then, Lauren was just putting plans in to place to find a premises to house her growing reuse and refill brand. Many conversations, measurements, sketches, elevations (and glasses of wine) later and we were ready to start building some very unique pieces, for what would soon become the most stylish and friendly shop in town!

The brief was pretty clear – sophisticated, minimal and eco-friendly wherever possible. We did our research to find sustainable materials that would compliment the ethos of Something Good.


Smile Plastics

First we discovered Smile Plastics, who transform waste materials into unique decorative panels. Lauren chose two contrasting materials, the Alba panel for the till point counter top and the Kaleido panel for the weighing island top. The Kaleido is made from recycled plastic bottles and the Alba is made from recycled yoghurt pots. How good is that?! 

Smile PlasticsSmile Plastics deliverySmile Plastics

For the refill bin shelves we used steel tube. We designed and fabricated these around the dimensions of the bins (to the mm!). Steel is a uniquely sustainable material because once it is made it can be used, as steel, for ever. When steel is recycled, there is no down-grading. Plus it had to be pretty sturdy to hold bins filled to the brim with yummy goodies.

The island, shelving and counter cladding where all built with grade BB birch plywood. Not only for it’s aesthetic appeal and durability, but for it’s minimal impact on the environment. Birch trees are the ultimate renewable resource with virtually every part of the tree being utilised. Birch is an abundant species that when managed as a sustainable forest resource, does not impinge on natural biodiversity.

We urge you to visit Something Good to refill your jars and tubs. It's the kind of place you have to see in real life to appreciate the attention to detail and care Lauren has taken in creating the space. We could (and have) spent hours looking at the recycled plastic bottles and yoghurt pots in the counters.

If you have any commercial projects coming up and would like to discuss your ideas, give us a call.