How To Choose The Right Size Dining Table

We often get asked about dining table sizes. What are the standard sizes? How many people does a 1200mm table seat? Can I have a 10 seater table? What size chairs should I get? Can I have a table to fit in my dining room? 

The truth is, sizes vary. But not a whole lot. You can pretty much bank on the height always being the same. So you don't need worry about that. But lengths and widths differ, depending on style and space. This guide will help you to choose the right size for your space and size of your family.

How To Assess Your Space

  • Firstly measure the length and width of your space. Remember to factor in any other furniture which impacts the area.
  • Next subtract 180cm (90cm each side) from both measurements.
  • This gives you the maximum dimensions of your table.


Dining Table Sizes


From floor to table top all Crescent Fifty One dining tables are 750mm (29 inches) high. The industry standard height is 750-800mm.

Space per person:

dining table size diagram

We have based our table sizes on the minimum ideal space per person which is 50cm x 40cm. This is the most optimal use of your space and value for your money. However, if your table is likely to be the hub of your home and you'd prefer more elbow room, we recommend opting for the next size up to ensure your meals can be enjoyed in the most comfortable way.

For example, if you are a family of 4 and you use the table for most meal times, but you'd like to be able to invite guests for dinner occasionally, then the 6 seater 1600x800mm table would be ideal for you. 

Length and width:

Choosing the right size for your table can depend on how you intend to use it. If it's a focal piece in your home that your family use day in and day out, then opting for the biggest size your space can accommodate might benefit your lifestyle. On the other hand, if you only occasionally use the table for dinner parties, then you might prefer to opt for something smaller so that you're benefiting from the extra space in the room.

We have designed our tables to be flexible in terms of their seating functionality. The diagrams below show the ways you could use your table with slightly different seating arrangements to suit your family size and your guests.

6 Seater Dining Table - 1600 x 800mm

6 seater dining table size

See our 6 seater live edge dining table here.
See our 6 seater straight edge dining table here.

6-8 Seater Dining Table - 1800 x 800mm

6-8 seater dining table size


See our 6-8 seater live edge dining table here.
See our 6-8 seater straight edge dining table here.


8 Seater Dining Table - 2000 x 800mm

8 seater dining table size


See our 8 seater live edge dining table here. 
See our 8 seater straight edge dining table here.


8-10 Seater Dining Table - 2200 x 900mm

8-10 seater dining table size

See our 8-10 seater live edge dining table here
See our 8-10 seater straight edge dining table here.

Chairs and Benches


Your chosen seat to accompany your table should be around 300mm lower than the table top for the most comfortable experience. Our benches are exactly that at 450mm high.


We recommend leaving 90cm clearance around the table for your chairs to easily slide in and out.


Our dining table sizes are based on 50cm of surface space per person as a minimum. We recommend that you opt for chairs under 50cm wide. You may be able to choose wider chairs if you opt for a bigger table and plan to seat less people around it.

A popular option which many of our customers go for, which is also great for tight/narrow spaces, is to have a bench on one side of the table and chairs on the other. The bench can be tucked underneath when not being used, making more space for you to enjoy. The table could also be pushed up against a wall with the bench tucked away underneath creating even more space and only pulled out when you have more guests.

See our bench options here.

Bench Dimensions
L 1400 x W 300 x H 450mm - (recommended for the 
6 Seater Dining Table - 1600 x 800mm)

L 1600 x W 300 x H 450mm - (recommended for the 6-8 Seater Dining Table - 1800 x 800mm)

L 1800 x W 300 x H 450mm - (recommended for the 8 Seater Dining Table - 2000 x 800mm)

L 2000 x W 300 x H 450mm - (recommended for the 8-10 Seater Dining Table - 2200 x 900mm)

Clearance Space

It's advisable to leave 90cm of space around your table, so it doesn't cause obstruction in your dining area and allows easy, comfortable access. 

    Custom Sizes

    We can make tables to almost any size. So if you'd like to discuss your space and requirements, please complete our bespoke contact from and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.