Are you struggling to work out what size dining table you'd like? Here is a quick guide to our table sizes to help you.

We often get asked about dining table sizes. What are the standard sizes? How many people does a 1200mm table seat? Can I have a 10 seater table? What size chairs should I get? Can I have a table to fit in my dining room? The truth is, sizes vary. But not a whole lot. You can pretty much bank on the height always being the same. But lengths and widths differ, depending on style and space. Here's a summary of our sizes to help you pick the right size for your space.

Dining Table Height
From floor to table top all Crescent Fifty One dining tables are 750mm (29 inches) high.

High Table Height
Our high, bar style tables are considerably higher at 1010mm (40 inches).

Rectangular Table Measurements
These are our standard tables sizes with a guide to how many people can be seated at each. This can vary on your choice of chair but is generally a good fit. 

1200 x 800 (seats 4)

1400 x 800 (seats 4-6)

1600 x 800 (seats 6)

1800 x 900 (seats 6-8)

2000 x 900 (seats 8)

2200 x 900 (seats 8-10)

Custom Sizes

We can of course make tables to almost any size to fit your space and are happy to help guide you through this process.

Dining Table Sizes