From blue tape to build and bake. 

Our latest interior project involved enormous pink cabinets filled with the most delicious doughnuts by Proven Goods Co.

We recently helped founders Amber and Joe build their new kitchen-bakery. With a bit of quick maths, a tape measure and a lot of blue tape we measured and marked the new layout. It's hard to believe it went from angular blue lines on a grey floor to this luscious pink hub of yumminess!



The cabinet carcasses were built in our workshop, the smallest of the two being three meters and the other a mere four meters long! We stripped them down and rebuilt them on site. The frames where clad in hardwood ply and the top fixed with a thicker higher grade ply to take the huge coffee machine and lighting rig. The lighting rig was designed and fabricated in our fabrication workshop and sent to be powder-coated.

We were tasked with making a sneeze guard that 'doesn't look like a 1990's motorbike windscreen but is very functional'. It was time to put the kettle on and warm the creative brain cells up. We came up with a simple design that doesn't require screwdrivers but still showcases those sugary delights. The glass guard can be slid in and out and cleaned without any faff. Result.



 Go and see it for yourself. Proven Goods Co. Hoults Yard, Walker Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 2HL - Newcastle's cultural and vibrant business village.

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