Product Care

The best thing about the whole 'caring for your product' process is that the less you do, the better. It's as much about avoiding housework as it is about doing it. So, unless it needs it, don't do it.

You can dust furniture using a soft cloth. Do not use sprays, especially any containing silicone. The only substance that should go near your furniture is a good-quality wax polish. Apply a small amount of polish with a soft cloth and work it into the wood in the direction of the grain. Go easy on the polish and remove any excess.

A damp cloth is an efficient way of removing surface dirt and won't do any harm if you work quickly and wipe it with a dry cloth. Just be careful not to soak it. 

To keep products in good condition, position away from direct sources of heat, such as radiators, and keep out of sunlight. Sun can bleach out the colour in the wood and over time it can dry out and shrink the wood, which will cause cracks. Avoid placing hot cups directly onto the wood. Our C51 coasters will do the trick.

We love the rustic effect on our products which we think adds character to each piece. We apply beeswax to all metal products before despatch to maintain the look. Owners must regularly apply beeswax or baby oil to the steel elements of the products to prevent further oxidisation (unless this is your desired look). Wax will prevent anything sticking to the steel which can then be wiped clean with a dry cloth.