Industrial Steel Vinyl/Turntable stand

When we where contacted and asked to commission a unit to hold vinyl we where ecstatic! Not does it only hold vinyl but it also has space for the classic and industry standard technics 1210 turntable that was once the big hitter in every club in the world!

For me this is inspirational, having been a DJ for around 20 years it gave me great pleasure to build such a thing and am now planning to build my own.

For the purposes of the article I did put on my own beloved 1210, DJM600, Vinyl and KRK speaker (on its side) just to show how it would look as I couldn’t wait!

Since posting the picture yesterday across the usual social media platforms I have already had requests for bigger ones that could hold a full DJ set up, and who knows we could end up installing them into clubs and bars in the future.

It’s a beast and it will hold all beloved record collection and then some! Our signature industrial steel frame with the thick and sturdy Timber top/shelves, If you want a better DJ/studio set up better than your mate then look no further ;)

Anyone wanting something similar just give me a shout! You don't want one you need one!




Our New Technics 1210/vinyl DJ unittechnics 1210/vinyl DJ standTechnics 1210 DJ StandTechnics 1210/vinyl DJ stand